Police clear junction from M25 protesters.

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As of 11:20hrs on Wednesday, 15 September, the Met had cleared junction 25 of the M25 of protesters making 14 arrests for obstructing the public highway. A further three people have been arrested across the country on suspicion of orchestrating the protest.

Officers attended as soon as we had received the information regarding the protest and immediately arrested and removed 11 protesters by 09:25hrs. The remaining three had glued themselves to the road or to each other. As soon as these protesters were unglued they were arrested.

A number of protesters have been demonstrating around the M25 motorway this week and have caused significant disruption to motorists, commuters travelling to and from work and businesses whose vehicles use this route to deliver goods. It is our intention to remove these protesters as soon as it is safe and we have sufficient officers and transport to take them into custody.

We cannot remove protesters who are glued to the road without specialist equipment and trained officers. This was happening at multiple locations around the M25 and it took time to resolve – time which could have been spent policing our communities in London.

We consider their actions to be unreasonable and unsafe highway obstruction and we will respond as quickly as possible and robustly to any incidents of this nature.

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