Complaints Handling Procedure

At The Havering Daily Ltd., we value feedback from our readers and take complaints seriously. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of journalism and providing a transparent and efficient process for addressing any concerns raised by our readers. This Complaints Handling Procedure outlines how complaints can be submitted and how they will be handled.

1. Types of Complaints:
Complaints can be related to any content published by The Havering Daily Ltd., including articles, images, videos, or any other media. Common types of complaints may include factual inaccuracies, breaches of privacy, discrimination, inappropriate language, or any perceived ethical violations.

2. Submitting a Complaint:
Complaints can be submitted through one of the following channels:

3. Complaints Process:
3.1. Receipt of Complaint:
Upon receiving a complaint, we will acknowledge its receipt within [24/48 hours], either via email or telephone call.

3.2. Initial Review:
Our editorial team will conduct an initial review of the complaint to understand the nature and details of the concern. This process typically takes [1-3 business days].

3.3. Investigation:
If the complaint requires further investigation, our team will thoroughly review the relevant content and consult with the involved parties, if necessary. The investigation period may vary depending on the complexity of the complaint but typically takes [5-10 business days].

3.4. Response:
Once the investigation is completed, we will provide a detailed response to the complainant. This response will include the findings of the investigation and any actions taken as a result of the complaint. We aim to respond to all complaints within [15 business days] of their receipt.

3.5. Corrections and Clarifications:
If the complaint is found to be valid and there are factual inaccuracies or errors in the content, we will issue corrections or clarifications as appropriate.

3.6. Appeals:
If the complainant is not satisfied with the initial response, they may appeal the decision. Appeals should be made in writing and sent to the same contact details provided for submitting complaints. The appeal will be reviewed by a senior editorial member not involved in the initial investigation.

4. Records Keeping:
All complaints received and their resolutions will be documented and securely retained by The Havering Daily Ltd. for a minimum of [two years].

5. Confidentiality:
The Havering Daily Ltd. will treat all complaints and related information with strict confidentiality. Personal information provided during the complaints process will only be used for the purpose of addressing the complaint and will not be disclosed to any third parties unless required by law.

6. Reporting:
The Havering Daily Ltd. will maintain records of complaints and resolutions, which will be periodically reviewed to identify any trends or recurring issues. This will help us identify areas of improvement and ensure that our journalism adheres to the highest standards.

The Havering Daily Ltd. is dedicated to maintaining an open and accountable relationship with our readers. We encourage feedback and complaints as they allow us to continuously improve and provide quality journalism to the community. By following this Complaints Handling Procedure, we aim to address concerns promptly, fairly, and transparently.

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