Code of Practice

As a responsible media organisation, The Havering Daily Ltd. is committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards in journalism. We adhere to the below Code of Practice to ensure accuracy, fairness, and integrity in our reporting. This code applies to all employees, journalists, contributors, and stakeholders associated with The Havering Daily Ltd.

1. Accuracy and Verification:

1.1. The Havering Daily Ltd. will take all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of its news content. Information shall be diligently fact-checked, and sources cross-verified before publication.

1.2. If any errors or inaccuracies are identified in published content, corrections will be issued promptly and prominently.

2. Privacy and Intrusion:

2.1. The newspaper will respect the privacy of individuals and shall not intrude into their private lives, except when there is a clear public interest that justifies such intrusion.

2.2. Prior to obtaining private information, the consent of individuals will be sought unless there are exceptional circumstances.

3. Integrity and Independence:

3.1. The Havering Daily Ltd. will maintain editorial independence, free from any undue influence from external parties, including advertisers and stakeholders.

3.2. Journalists and employees shall avoid any situation that could compromise their professional integrity or impartiality.

4. Reporting of Children:

4.1. When reporting on matters involving children, the newspaper will put the child’s welfare first and avoid publishing information that could identify or harm them.

4.2. Consent will be obtained from a parent or guardian before interviewing or photographing children in cases where the child’s identity may be disclosed.

5. Harassment and Discrimination:

5.1. The Havering Daily Ltd. will not engage in harassment, intimidation, or discriminatory practices in its reporting or interactions with individuals or groups.

5.2. News content shall not include discriminatory language or material that promotes hatred or prejudice against any individual or community.

6. Intrusion into Grief or Shock:

6.1. In cases involving personal grief or shock, the newspaper will exercise discretion and sensitivity when reporting on such matters.

6.2. The feelings and emotions of those affected will be considered, and they will not be pursued or approached without their consent.

7. Reporting Suicide and Self-Harm:

7.1. The Havering Daily Ltd. will not sensationalize or glamorize suicide or self-harm in its reporting.

7.2. Care will be taken to avoid explicit details that may be harmful to vulnerable individuals.

8. Discrimination and Diversity:

8.1. The newspaper will avoid prejudiced or biased reporting and ensure that its coverage reflects the diversity of the community it serves.

8.2. Individuals or communities will not be misrepresented based on their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or any other characteristic.

9. Financial Journalism:

9.1. When reporting on financial matters, The Havering Daily Ltd. will be accurate, and care will be taken to avoid misleading information or speculative reports.

9.2. Conflicts of interest of journalists or contributors shall be disclosed when reporting on financial topics.

10. Public Interest and Accountability:

10.1. The newspaper will strive to publish stories that are in the public interest, investigating matters of importance to the community and holding those in positions of power or authority accountable for their actions.

10.2. The public interest will be weighed against potential harm or intrusion when reporting on certain issues.

11. Payment to Criminals:

11.1. The Havering Daily Ltd. will not make payments to criminals or engage in any action that may encourage criminal behavior.

11.2. Public interest will be considered when reporting on stories involving crime or criminals.

12. Corrections and Clarifications:

12.1. If errors, inaccuracies, or misleading information are identified in published content, corrections or clarifications will be issued promptly and prominently.

12.2. The newspaper will maintain a clear process for readers to submit complaints and will handle them in a timely and respectful manner.

The Havering Daily Ltd. is committed to the principles outlined in this Code of Practice, ensuring that our journalism remains responsible, fair, and accountable to the community we serve. By adhering to the this Code of Practice, we aim to maintain public trust and confidence in our reporting while upholding the highest standards of professional conduct.

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