Beam Park Labour Action team tackle speeding vehicles through New Zealand estate.

Beam Park Labour Action Team members, Trevor McKeever and Matt Stanton, have taken up the issue of speeding vehicles through the New Zealand estate after a series of ongoing issues.

Matt referred to serious road traffic accidents that have happened in recent months in Christchurch Avenue due to speeding vehicles using the route as a “rat run” short cut.

Trevor, who is vice chair of the South Hornchurch Police ward Panel and also sits on the Police Safer Neighbourhood Board, is asking that local police carry out speed gun checks in Christchurch Avenue to deter motorists from speeding. Trevor told the Havering Daily:

 “There are numerous options to deal with this situation, we will be fully consulting residents on the best way to resolve this issue before going to Havering Council to implement these in the interests of the safety of local people.”

Both Action team members are in regular talks with local residents and working diligently to resolve these issues as best that they can.

Beam Park Labour Action team members Matt Stanton and Trevor McKeever.

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