Nightmare neighbour fails to clear rubbish.


In June this year Mr Eaton from Romford was served two ‘untidy land’ notices after failing to clear up his garden. He went to court where he was fined £4,726 and ordered to pay the fine and clear up the front and back of his garden.

Now, in September here is a photograph of Mr Eaton’s garden as it currently stands.

Neighbours who live on Elm Road in Romford, are angry and fed up with not only the horror eye sore this property is but the fact that it is attracting rats into their properties as a result.

Denise Hipson who lives on Elm Road told the Havering Daily:

“He was supposed to clear his gardens and he hasn’t done anything. It really is an eyesore plus he has many vehicles out of the front that are jammed packed with rubbish, including a van that is leaking oil in the road.

“It is really disheartening to see that he was taken to court and ordered to pay a fine and now clear his property and he has done nothing at all.”

Mr Eaton owns two properties along Elm Road and we have been informed that he does not live in either property but uses the gardens as dumping grounds.

Another neighbour who lives near Mr Eaton’s properties and did not wish to be named told the Havering Daily:

“We actually had to move out of our property for 14 months because of a leak he had in his property that affected ours.

“It is really stressful to live near properties like this. We can’t move house and are stuck with views like this everyday.”

The nightmare neighbour was ordered to have his gardens cleared by August 31 and yet as we can see clearly from the pictures, he has done nothing.

Mawney Ward Councillor Dilip Patel told the Havering Daily:

“Now that we have been informed by the Havering Daily of this situation and that nothing has been cleared, I will be contacting the council enforcement officers straight away and get this situation resolved as quickly and efficiently as we can.”

The rats in neighbours gardens.
Attracting rats.
Inside one of his vehicles in the road.
The front garden

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