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More round up of the recent articles in the Havering Daily, from local resident Leo Jones.

A rather quiet week this week. Though I note Mr Rosindell has been front and centre again on a couple of occasions. What’s happening to our beloved Leader of the Council? He is always very vociferous in the Council’s online Living in Havering Magazine, but he appears to have gone even quieter now that the holidays are over and cracks are beginning to appear in the way things are being handled. I wonder if the lack of updates via the Havering Daily has anything to do with the ability of people to respond to such updates, and their inability to respond to the comments in the Magazine. Answers on a postcard to, ‘My guess is better than yours’. I’m also a bit worried that we haven’t heard anything from Julia Lopez regarding the stakeholder’s meeting in mid-August reference the flooding. It’s been a month now Julia, any updates for the residents who have been suffering from the flooding caused by an initial lack of action?

Romford MP has ‘major worries about ratcheting up taxation on struggling families.’

So Mr Rosindell has major worries for families who are already struggling and has openly voiced his concern for those same families. Really! But not so concerned and worried enough to make a stand. No, all he was able to do was sit on the fence and abstain from the vote. If you were, and are, as concerned as you say you are about the Conservative party breaking a manifesto pledge, then you should have voted against the increase in taxation. That would have shown your Master what you really thought about the idea.

As usual, that was never going to happen. Another true blue Tory trying to look good and towing the party line, all talk and no action. However, you will be ‘lobbying Boris’ to look at better alternatives. What are these better alternatives and why weren’t they put forward during the original debate? It’s no good shutting the stable door after the horses have voted. If you need a long term plan, what is it, and again, why wasn’t it put forward as well? You had plenty of opportunity during the debate to raise the matter. Of course, we mustn’t forget, it was the Prime Minister’s promise to ‘fix’ the issues of social care when he was first elected. So why weren’t discussions for a long term plan already taking place, together with the better alternatives you mentioned, before the leak about the increase in National Insurance was made?

Probable answer. Because there wasn’t any long term plan and no alternative ideas either; the taxation increase was always going to happen. However, it looks good to the party faithful and baffles the voters with all words and no actions. Conservatives, people of hollow words, hollow promises, hollow actions and ineffective in positions of power!

Havering Daily Podcast, Episode 6: Councillor Gillian Ford, Chair of H.R.A. – Havering Residents’ Associations

A very interesting interview with Gillian Ford. She clearly laid out the problems of overdevelopment and the increasing lack of associated infrastructure within the borough, together with other issues created by the incumbent council. Being an independent party, the H.R.A.have no political allegiance with any political party so will be able to operate solely for the benefit of all of Havering’s residents.

One interesting comment that was made, referred to how the conservative council were ‘bigging’ up the supposedly good things they, (conservative council), have done, but not referencing the bad. Forgive me, but I am struggling to recall any of the good things they have done. Whenever any reference to ‘good things are made, it is all spin. Let’s take the repairs to our roads and pavements as one instance. We are continually being told how good they are doing, yet are so far behind in the programme, it will take years to catch up. And don’t get me started on our local footpath. There’s been a change, but that can wait for another day.

Perhaps the most pertinent comment in the interview was the statement about how the Conservative-led council are destroying democracy within the council chamber. It leads one to believe the leader of the council is so scared and paranoid about the opposition showing up the council’s own incompetence’s that he has to restrict their freedom of speech to prevent those inadequacies from being voiced. He is blaming all the time it takes to ask and respond to any questions from the opposition. Well, Mr White, you are paid handsomely for the position you are in. Try earning it by allowing genuine and full debate in the council chambers!

There is no doubt Mr White is fully aware of how freedom of speech works. He affords himself of that at every opportunity he can. Now would be a good time for him to show us how effective the Conservatives in positions of power are, by bringing back democracy, specifically, in the City Hall.

Overall, a very positive interview, with good points raised and ideas to take Havering forward. It’s time for a change and I am sure Mr White would welcome a rest from all the long hours he complains he has to do in his role as Leader of the Council. We can give him that opportunity at the next local elections. You don’t need to thank me for it, Mr White.

Damning report highlights racism and sexism in Havering Council – Leader committed to making changes.

A positive response from the Leader of the Council. Though, one has to ask how this situation was able to develop in the way it has. Mr White, in saying, ‘we, (reference, the council), have been trying to change’, suggests that the council were fully aware of the problems before the matter was highlighted in the Havering Daily.

Mr White wants to take positive steps and that can only be a good thing. It is also an absolute necessity as there is no place for racism or sexism anywhere in today’s society. Again, what is quite concerning, is Mr White’s statement about councillors who are aware that they have community leadership roles, but few of them understand their legal responsibilities with respect to equality. Then there are the middle managers who also appear unaware of their responsibility or how to address particular issues.

Why, Mr White, has such a culture been allowed to occur within the council and its management? There has been unlimited debate and discussion about such behaviour and there is no excuse for allowing such a culture to have occurred. In response to such serious failings, what the people of Havering need to see is just how quickly these changes are confronted and the necessary changes made.

Or, as will no doubt be the case…  ‘lip service’, or, ‘all Tory talk and no action’, other than to create a Workers Forum, (which does what), and a Diversity Officer, together with a substantial remuneration for the role.

Nightmare neighbour fails to clear rubbish.

I understand this is the same person who was successfully prosecuted at Barkingside Magistrates’ Court ( 8 June 2021) for failing to clear the property following enforcement action by the local council. It is also the same story that Mr White boasted, quote, “This successful prosecution shows that homeowners will not get away with flouting planning laws and I’d like to thank Council officers for all of their efforts with this case.” unquote.

Well, well, well! Didn’t the gardens have to be cleared by 31st August? You would have thought, as part of their original and ongoing actions, the officer’s involved would have turned up on-site on 1st September to confirm the rubbish had been removed. No. What did the Havering Council officer’s do after 31st August? Nothing! It was down to a resident to inform the council regarding the lack of action by the owner. So much for all the officer’s efforts, they have put into this case, Mr White. 

Not to be outdone, and having been informed by a local resident, Mawney Ward Councillor Dilip Patel (aka, Deputy Cabinet Member for Business), told the Havering Daily that he will contact the council to get the enforcement officers to get the situation resolved as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Solution. Once a new date for the rubbish has been cleared, make sure the officers visit the site every other day to see what progress has been made and if none, follow it up with further actions. Problem. That would be too much effort.

Yes, I am aware of the freedom of speech that I have too. However, I will never criticise nor restrict others from being able to do so as well. There will always be agreements and disagreements, but that is when you need to work to resolve them, not actively suppress the otherperson/s opinions. Freedom of speech is a fundamental right of democracy, and that includes the local council chambers. Unless you are a conservative, when it is, ‘Democracy as we say it is.’

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