‘We are easy meat for them’-disabled pensioner robbed of £500.

A disabled pensioner shopping in Tesco in Rainham on Thursday 18th of February, was robbed of her purse as she spoke to an unknown man in the supermarket car park.

Sue from Rainham and her sister were at the local superstore doing their weekly shopping when the incident took place.

Sue told the Havering Daily: “We had parked in the disabled bay and gone in to do our shopping. I left first as my sister had to queue at the kiosk. I went to my car and unpacked the shopping and sat in the car waiting for my sister to arrive.

“A man arrived then banging on my window and shouting that he needed to bring his baby to the hospital. I couldn’t understand him very well as he had a strong accent. I asked him what hospital he needed to go to and he started to mumble and wasn’t making much sense. I thought he might have wanted to go to Queen’s hospital so I got out of my car and began talking to him.

“At this point he began saying ‘You come with me, you come with me’ which obviously I wasn’t going to do. My sister then arrived and the man left and we went home.

“As I got home and began unpacking my shopping I realised that my purse and all my cards weren’t there. I wasn’t sure at first if I had left my purse at the checkout counter in Tesco so went back to the store. At the store the security guard looked through the cctv and he saw me clearly putting my purse away in my bag. He was also able to see the man out in the car park talking to me but sadly only half of my car can be seen.

“I then went home and started to cancel my cards and the bank had told me that it had already been used in Asda in Dagenham for two lots of £250.”

Sue had finished shopping at 10am and the cards were used twice once at 10:22 am and then at 10:23 am to withdraw the money. Luckily Sue’s bank were able to see the fraudulent activity and refund her as Sue is a pensioner.

“I’m so glad the bank paid me back, things are hard at the moment and that is a lot of money. It has been awful, I guess pensioners like us are easy meat for them. It is getting hard to live around here, when I go out I have a rape alarm, a spray and I’m still terrified.”

The man is described as 5’8 to 5’9, medium brown hair, wearing a green hoodie and spoke with a strong eastern European accent.

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