Rutland Drive an eye sore and health safety risk, as residents complain.

Hornchurch residents living along Rutland Drive near Wingletye Lane have been complaining and campaigning to get their road repaired for years. The road and pavements are full of holes and cracks that not only are an eye sore, but also a possible health risk to people walking, or children on their scooters.

Cracked pavement.

Tommy Luck moved into the area two years ago and was horrified at the state of the road and the dreadful condition of the pavements as well. He told the Havering Daily: “When we first moved in we started speaking to our neighbours about the state of the road here and they told us that it had been like that for years and despite many requests to get the road repaired, nothing had been done.

Holes in the road.

“I got on this issue as well as I really couldn’t believe just how bad the road was and also how dangerous it could be to children riding their scooters. It is full of cracks and holes. It really is awful.”

Dangerous pavements.

Tommy began sending emails to the council asking them to please sort the matter out and come and see for themselves the condition of the road.

Tommy continued:”I finally received an email informing me that the road had been inspected and that work was going to be done, so I was really pleased.”

Unbeknown to Tommy, only one small part of the road was mended.

The small area repaired, not even completing the whole crack in the road.

“I couldn’t believe it! They didn’t even fill the whole crack up. I was so pleased when I received the email informing me that work was going to be done. Now I’m shocked that all they have done is fill in a small part of a crack on the road, not even a whole crack!”

The Havering Daily contacted Havering’s Leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White who has been very proactive fixing roads across the borough. He told the Havering Daily: “I have had a meeting with the Council’s engineer on this matter and we are working on options to deal with this as quickly as we can.

“I am working with the Borough’s Highway Engineers to see what can be done about the defects and to see if we can re-skin concrete roads across the borough to improve the roads and extend their life.

“I will be holding road and pavement surgeries online on Facebook groups for residents to suggest repair works that need to be done which I will follow up on.”

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