Havering firefighters volunteer to drive ambulances during pandemic.

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Seven Havering firefighters have put themselves forward to drive ambulances to help struggling NHS staff cope with the overwhelming demands due to Covid.

Havering Fire Chief Paul Mc Clenaghan told the Havering Daily: “Operation Braidwood began in March last year when the pandemic first began. As emergency service workers we all like to help each other out as a big family and we are particularly close to our London Ambulance colleagues.

“The call came from London Fire Brigade Commissioner Andy Roe, who was looking for volunteers to help drive ambulances. Here in Havering seven of our firefighters volunteered to help out.”

The firefighters are then checked to see if they have the right qualifications to drive ambulances and will also be assisting in immediate emergency care.

“Obviously we are not doing paramedics jobs but we are there to help on the frontline and assist other emergency service workers,” continued the Chief.

Hundreds of firefighters are believed to have volunteered right across the capital to help the London Ambulance Service drive ambulances during this very difficult time. The London Ambulance service are receiving upto 8,000 calls day now.

Well done to our firefighters for jumping in to help our community during this dreadful pandemic.

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