Police cadets join Operation Winter to breathalyse passengers.

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Havering’s police cadets took part in ‘Operation Winter’ last Friday 13th of December.

Lead by PC Anthony Kiddle who is the cadet co-ordinator in Havering, the youngsters stood outside Upminster train station for two hours breathalysing passengers as they got off the train and headed to their cars to drive home.

PC Kiddle told the Havering Daily:

The cadets decided they wanted to take part in Operation Winter so we stood outside Upminster station and breathalysed passengers coming home from work.

Many had attended lunchtime Christmas parties and had a few drinks and were quite shocked to discover that they were still over the limit.”

The cadets breathalysed a total of 24 people 8 of whom failed and had planned to drive home.

PC Kiddle continued:

The cadets prevented and helped reduce road traffic collisions and stopped people from driving home over the limit.

People often think that if they have a few drinks at lunchtime by the evening they will be okay to drive. Passengers were quite shocked to see they had failed the test.

The public were very supportive of the cadets and interacted very well with them. Education is the key.

These are children who volunteer and are actively putting something back into the community. We are always looking for more so if you have a child who is bored at home, why not ask them if they are interested in joining the police cadets.”

Police cadets are aged between 13 to 16 years of age.

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