Drama as doormat banned outside house.

A doormat outside a sheltered accommodation in Harold Wood has caused a controversy and seems to be the cause of many a discussion.

Despite Brexit and the oncoming general elections, it would appear that this doormat is high on the list of controversy as officers visit properties across Havering.

Mr Newins from Cockabourne Court in Shepherds Hill placed a doormat outside of his property and was informed by housing officers that it was not allowed as it is believed to be a fire risk and would possibly cause a fire brigade officers to trip over.

The doormat in question.

Since then Mr Newins has been in discussion with officers on just why his little doormat is not allowed to sit outside of his front door.

Mr Newins told the Havering Daily:

My wife and I have lived here for six years and our front door is on the outside. The street door is out in the open so what difference does a door mat make?”

The couple are both church goers and would now like to place a wreath outside their door in celebration of Christmas and have been informed that the wreath cannot go up either.

Three or four times a year officers come round and bully us about our doormat.” continued Mr Newins.

They don’t do this outside other council properties it seems it is just in sheltered accommodations. They think they can bully us old people that’s why they do it.

We don’t like to be bullied, enough is enough. There are many properties out there that look like bombs have gone off outside their houses and they don’t do anything about those. Yet my doormat is always the centre of attention.”

Mr Newins decided to investigate the matter further and wrote to the London Fire Brigade.

The letter from the London Fire Brigade quite clearly states that my doormat is not a fire or health and safety risk of any kind.”

The Havering Daily contacted the council for their response.

A spokeperson said:

We have a responsibility to ensure Council tenants are safe and secure in their homes all year round. This includes the removal of any potentially hazardous items from communal areas.

We encourage holiday spirit, but resident safety must always come first.”

Mr Newins correspondence.

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