Planning application for 87 flats at Gallows Corner Tesco refused.


A planning application by Tesco and Weston Homes to build 87 flats on their car park at Gallows Corner has been refused by the council.

This is a victory for the local residents and three Harold Wood Councillors who had all strongly objected to the proposal.

A protest was held outside of the Gallows Corner supermarket two weeks ago where residents voiced their concerns at this development due to the already heavy build up of traffic in the area, the non suitability of the proposed buildings, the lack of school places and other vital infrastructure to support additional properties in the area.

The phased development of the site included the relocation of the existing hand car wash, the Click and Collect Unit and the recycling centre.

Locals stood outside of Tesco with placards and a formal letter was handed to the store manager by Harold Wood Councillor Brian Eagling who has backed the residents fight against this development.

After carefully considering the planning issues and any comments received, the council decided to refuse this planning application.

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