‘I hope that this latest betrayal of their voters turns out to be their poll tax moment and people finally realise that they are not levelling up.’

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Head of Romford Labour Angelina Leatherbarrow today writes in the Havering Daily on the large tax hike the country is facing after being promised by the Conservative government that they would not increase taxes or national insurance.

Yesterday the Prime Minister showed once again that he is a liar who cannot be trusted when after winning a general election promising not to raise taxes or national insurance, they voted to hammer the poor and not the rich with their plans to increase national insurance to fund their social care plans. They want to use Covid as cover for their attack on the wages of working class families. They are telling us its ‘unprecedented times’  but they have been the party of power for over a decade whilst social care has been neglected. whilst austerity has stripped Local Authorities of their funding, all long before Covid arrived.

In 2019 Johnson claimed to have a ‘clear plan’ for social care ( which didn’t involve a hike in NI payments because he promised they wouldn’t do that)  Even now there is no detail of what their plan is, they are telling us we must pay higher taxes whilst omitting to tell us how they will be spent.  Oh, and where is that bus with the £350million a week for the NHS that they promised from their Brexit? 

Johnson tried to say that Labour have no plan, but that is not the case. In 2019 Labour proposed the introduction of a wealth tax on people with assets over £5million – that wouldn’t impact too many people in Romford I expect. But it would fund investment in a National Care Service for all. If we put an extra 10% tax on the wealth of those with over £10million it would raise £69 billion. But instead, the Tories have gone after the poorest workers. The nurses already using food banks, the teaching assistants, the supermarket workers, transport workers, the ones who were at the front line of Covid. There’s also something really, really spiteful about the timing of this tax hike. The 40% of Universal Credit claimants who are in work are now staring down the barrel of a hike in NI payments and the removal of the universal credit uplift  just as food prices are increasing and the price cap on energy is lifted, pushing the cost of heating our homes this winter through the roof. Its a perfect storm for families who are struggling to make ends meet. Most of the rich friends of the Tories don’t work for their wealth so wont pay a single penny extra. Its our kids who will suffer. Still, at least  when their time comes, our kids wont have to worry about selling their homes to pay for their care as under the Tories they will never be able to afford their own homes anyway, .

Five Tories rebelled and voted against the bill, our MP for Romford wasn’t one of them. He abstained, knowing very well that the bill would go through, abstaining on something this important is a complete dereliction of duty but Its simply more than his jobs worth to vote against this blatant attack on the working class people of Romford.

I hope that this latest betrayal of their voters turns out to be their poll tax moment and people finally realise that they are not levelling up. They never have, and they never will.

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