‘The climate crisis has hit code red help us make the changes’.

A Cranham pilot has given up his job and changed his lifestyle after realising the huge impact the airline industry is having on the planet.

Todd Smith was a former Thomas Cook pilot who travelled the world until he started to educate himself on the climate change crisis and discovered the impact carbon heavy industries were having on our planet.

In an interview with the Havering Daily, Todd talks to us about his participation with Extinction Rebellion and the desperate need for governments to make these vital changes.

“I was inspired as a child by watching the Southend Air show. I worked on many building sites until I managed the eight year training to become a pilot.

“I witnessed first had mass tourism and started to educate myself on the impact this was having on our planet.

“There aren’t many voices that speak out from the Carbon heavy industry. It was then that I realised how my values had changed and what had become dear to me.”

Despite years of training to be a pilot, Todd gave it all up and completely changed his lifestyle. He is now a leading voice in the Extinction Rebellion group who are currently protesting across London.

“I knew I had to be bold and courageous and look at the bigger picture. I set up an eco conscious airline group to give others the opportunity to learn and raise awareness.

“The current protests in London are called the ‘Impossible Rebellion’ to let people know that this is not just a distant threat but a threat now. Look at the floods we have experienced, the fires breaking out.

“We are asking the government to stop all new fossil fuel investments, this is not just a demand but a code red for our planet and humanity.

“We need these people to sit down at the table and have an actual conversation on the climate crisis.

“London is the ninth biggest carbon emitter in the world. The City of London actually contributes to 15% of the global CO2 emission, that’s just the City of London. Yet the government are still approving coal mines and oil drilling.

“People see us as a bunch of hippies who don’t work. Actually we are people with jobs but we are people who want to make our voices heard.

“This is a code red for our planet, the government don’t want to listen and carry on approving projects that they know clearly contribute to the destruction of the planet and yet they don’t care.

“They must stop all fossil fuelling now.”

Todd finishes by urging us, “please find your humanity, people have become so disconnected with nature. This climate crisis is real, help us act on it now.”

Former pilot Todd Smith
Todd making his voice heard.

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