Hornchurch man scammed of £700.

Do you know this man?

A Hornchurch man was scammed out of £700 after putting his camera lens on sale online. Mr Barrett told the Havering Daily:

“I’m a keen photographer and got a new camera so I decided to put a lens that didn’t fit anymore for sale. I started the price at £800 but dropped it to £700.

“A man contacted me the day after asking me if it was still for sale and I responded that it was. He came round to my house at 5.30 to see the lens. He wore a hat and a Covid mask so I couldn’t see his face clearly. He asked me if I would take a bank transfer and I said that I would.

“He stood next to me as I gave him my bank details. It came up on his phone saying ‘Transfer successful’ and had a reference number and then he left.

“I then realised that I had not received the bank notification with the transfer. I went out to see if I could find the man but he had walked away very quickly with the lens. I contacted my bank and informed them of what had happened and they informed me that there had not been a transfer.

“I waited 24 hours to see in case it had to clear but then I was informed by my bank that I had probably been scammed.”

Mr Barrett then reported the incident to the police and was informed that apparently there is an app that can be downloaded where you can do pretend transfers and it looks like a real bank exchange.

Since then, Mr Barrett has shared the suspect’s photograph on social media where he has received many messages informing him that the man is known to be a con man and has done similar scams to others.

Anyone who may recognise this man, please call the police and state the following crime reference number 5412074/21

The suspect.
The man wanted in connection to the scam.
The phone app that allows for fake transfers.
The camera lens taken.
The lens taken from Mr Barrett.

Please be on the look out for this man and make this camera lens too hot to handle.

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