Love Letters at the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch-A jukebox musical full of fast paced fun.


Boom! Take your seat and be prepared for an evening of fast paced entertainment with Love Letters at the Queen’s Theatre. Created by artistic director Douglas Rintoul we are taken on a musical and emotional rollercoaster played out with humour and pathos.Basically the story evolves around a love letter posted that didn’t arrive until sixteen years later. 

The story starts in The Perseverance, a local pub in the 90s, run by Sheila ( Lucy Benjamin) who acts as landlady and a sort of agony aunt! In comes Justin (Kit Esuruoso)  having been chased in by local postie Keith (Mike Lloyd) after having hit schoolgirl Danni (Dannie Harris) on the head with a stone!

This is where the awkward romance starts; Justin apologising to Danni and she begrudgingly accepting it. As we move forward we discover that they share the same birthday and the same feelings. She being gregarious, he being tongue tied and shy. The years pass by and after their eighteenth birthdays Danni tells Justin she is going to university, and will he please write to her. He doesn’t, which causes all sorts of emotional trouble, and Danni finds someone else at Uni.

In the mean time The Perseverance is struggling to adapt to the fast changing world, and Justin, who lives and works there tries his best to help Sheila fight against the landlords selling it off for property development. 

Love Letters: Photo Credit Mark Sepple

As the years move forward quirks of fate help not only the pub, but our two lovers’ as well, and the letter finally arrives!

This show has so many threads of stories interwoven with that of Justin and Danni; an underlying but unspoken love affair with Sheila and Keith, the damage done to local community pubs and the changing faces of society.

Lucy Benjamin as Sheila dominates the stage with her presence and character, Mike Lloyd as Keith, the local postie plays his part with a beautifully understated pathos,  Kit Esuruoso as Justin and Dannie Harris as Danni play their parts with vitality and great energy and bridge the sixteen year gap with great credibility.

Lucy Benjamin, Mike Lloyd and Kit Esuruoso

All the while we are treated to superb musical treats by the whole cast – Essex bands to the fore with hits from the 60s, through to the current times.( Great mention of The Small Faces and Humble Pie!)This is a show for everybody and will have you clapping in your seats and bring some fun back to life after the past eighteen months of difficulty. Thank you Douglas Rintoul for a fabulous evening of entertainment and it’s so glad to be back!  

Lucy Benjamin.

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