Women in policing-‘People forget we are humans and mums, they just see the uniform.’

Inspector Lisa Ryan is remarkable lady who not only manages a busy job but is also a mum to two young children.

Being a police officer in our capital is one of the most challenges roles you could get today. Yet Lisa not only does her job well but is also bringing up two children and like many other families juggling everyday to make things work.

In an interview with the Havering Daily, Lisa tells us about the struggles she faces being a mum and a police officer.

“I was a late joiner, I joined when I was 30 years old giving up a career in finance and taking a pay cut! I had been a special for eight years in Romford town centre and really enjoyed it, so I decided to take the leap and join full time as I realised I was getting more satisfaction from my volunteer work than my full time job.”

17 years later and Lisa is now an Acting Inspector for School and Youth in Havering.

“Most of my career has been based in Havering. I was in Barking town centre for a while then returned to Havering. Now I work in the schools sector that is very different and very rewarding. We have the opportunity to divert young people from crime, to help engage with them and make sure we steer them away from the world of criminality. It is a very interesting role and a very rewarding one that I really enjoy.

“Many of our schools officers go unnoticed but they do an amazing job in schools establishing good relationships with students.”

Lisa also juggles day to day parenting with her work role and admits that it can be a challenge.

“Covid has made life harder for us. My children are six and four and we, like many other families rely on parents to help us with child care. When Covid struck we weren’t able to have the childcare support we had before so had to juggle things about. My husband and I had to work separate shifts to make things work, we often were like passing ships in the night working opposite shifts so someone was at home with the children.

“Homeschooling was also difficult for us, but we managed and we tried to make sure we enjoyed our family time together.”

Lisa loves her job but knows it can be difficult at times.

“It is one of the best jobs in the world, I really wouldn’t do any other job as the rewards we get are amazing. It can be difficult at times and I do like to champion working mums and chat to other police officers about how stressful it can be balancing two roles. Sometimes we get called on aid last minute and then we have try and organise childcare that makes things difficult. I try and support other women returning to work after maternity leave.

“It is a struggle at times and people forget we are humans and mums, they just see the uniform.”

Perhaps we can remember this when we see disgusting protests like we did last weekend against lockdown, when officers were assaulted for just doing their job.

One thought on “Women in policing-‘People forget we are humans and mums, they just see the uniform.’

  • 26th April 2021 at 8:55 am

    During my time in Met at JI, was Home Beat, ended up vice chair of Governors at Loxford High School to just after retirement in 1996. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


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