‘Trying to make London safer’-Binning Knives Saves Lives.

Binning Knives Saves Lives CIC is a volunteer group run by the ‘Knife Man’ and local legend Courtney Barrett.

Based in East London, Courtney and his gang of volunteers have taken over 1,100 knives off our streets and are dedicated in making the London streets a safer place for our communities. Today he writes in the Havering Daily:

We are volunteers trying to make London safer.

In our debut borough in only six months knife crime in Waltham Forest was reduced by 34%, whilst it rose in every other London Borough.

We’ve taken over 1120 knives off the streets and out of circulation and have enrolled many troubled youths and gang members into ongoing activities and courses which have transformed their lives. We have also educated and changed the mindsets of thousands of residents across the borough and provided free sports for children of parents who are on benefits.

We’ve provided a knife collection service to minimise the number of knives in people’s homes and united other organisations, religious groups, businesses, and councillors in the battle against knife crime. Importantly we have also supported families who have lost someone to knife crime.

Please support us in what we are trying to achieve, a safer future and a safer London for everyone.

Go to Binningknivessaveslives.com where you can subscribe, volunteer, or donate.

Thank you all, from Courtney Barrett & the Binning Knives Saves Lives team.

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