Romford family create doll show programme that caters for an inclusive community.

A Romford family were saddened to see that not enough diversity existed in our current Barbie toy range and took upon themselves to create a new you tube tv show with black dolls to be more representative of our community.

Suzanne Lamba was asked by her daughter why Barbie dolls were all stereotypically white and blonde and did not cater for our diverse community. Saddened by this, the Romford mum decided with the help of her husband Erick, to put together their very own tv shown that caters for everyone.

Suzanne told the Havering Daily: “We decided to put together our own doll show with the main family being black. However, we have many different Barbies in the show such as redhead barbies and Asian Barbies as we wanted to include all cultures. “

The family film the tv show themselves with their children doing some voices in the programme too.

“We wanted to show diversity, that everyone was included. It isn’t a show just for black children, it is for all the community to watch.”

The show has been very successful so far with over a thousand youtube subscribers and the programme is being used in local schools to educate others on inclusiveness and diversity.

Suzanne concluded: “We have had a lot of positive feedback to the channel and we hope everyone enjoys watching it and understand why we do it.”

Please find the link below to this fantastic tv show.

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