VIDEO:Noak Hill Christmas lights turned on for charity.

Noak Hill house turned their Christmas lights on last night to start the festive season. Due to Covid restrictions, the usual festivities were not held, however the lights went on to put a smile on residents face.

House owners Lesley Haylett and Peter Elliott do the display every year to bring some much needed cheer to the borough. Lesley told the Havering Daily: “We started putting lights up 37 years ago. When we began the first year, an elderly neighbour who lived opposite us sent us a Christmas card telling us that she was house bound and that the lights had really cheered her up and made her happy. Since then, we have done this every year and just added more and more lights.”

This year there is a special treat as Laurel and Hardy are there wearing their Covid masks too!

Money raised goes to Great Ormond Street Charity, a charity that is very close to Lesley’s heart.

“Our granddaughter Frankie had to have open heart surgery at the age of nine months old at Great Ormond Street. So we know what amazing work they do. We also give some money to local charities as well,” said Lesley.

“Many people had asked us if we were going to do it this year because of Covid, and we thought about not doing it but then so many locals had told us how much they look forward to it that it was hard not to do it,” finished Lesley.

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