Shoppers screamed and fled out of the shop as man runs riot in supermarket.

A man ran riot in Asda in Romford yesterday, knocking over children and pushing an elderly lady into a counter leaving her with injuries.

Passer’s by screamed and ran out of the shop in fear as the man charged towards women and children shopping.

The elderly woman was believed to be in the shop with her daughter and grandchild when the man charged at her pushing head first into a battery counter and leaving her requiring hospital treatment.

Mark from Collier Row, was in Asda at the time of the rampage and actually stopped the man from charging into one of his children, helping to detain him outside of the supermarket.

He told the Havering Daily:I was in Asda with my wife and three daughters when I heard screaming and saw that people were running out of the shop. I saw a man running towards one of my daughters, so I quickly pushed him out of the way.

I then saw him run towards other customers, knocking over a lady and child in a pushchair.

The security guard couldn’t handle the situation on his own and instead of waiting for more people to get injured I grabbed the man when he was running back towards me and took him outside the shop where the security guard and I restrained him.

There was no other security and no police to help, even an hour later there was still no sign of police to even take any statements.”

The lady with her grandchild is believed to be at Queens hospital receiving treatment.

It is believed the man has mental health issues and was at the supermarket with his carers who struggled to control him.

Mark finished by saying: “I just wanted to protect my family and others who were there. I did what any other dad or parent would do.”

One thought on “Shoppers screamed and fled out of the shop as man runs riot in supermarket.

  • 11th February 2020 at 9:00 am

    I hope the man gets caught and suitably punished. Mental health problems should not be an excuse for hurting the elderly, vulnerable, or anyone.


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