‘I have lost him now and nothing I say or feel can ever bring him back but I can help parents to not be like me and communicate with their children’.

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Champion’s charity held their first knife crime conference in Forest Gate, literally metres away from where Champion Ghanda was brutally murdered.

The conference held last Saturday and organised by Champion’s mum Peggy Kato was a huge success and one of many. Peggy is a huge anti knife campaigner and has dedicated her life to helping as many families as she can. She is a very amazing lady.

The amazing Peggy Kato.

Peggy writes in the Havering Daily:

My main reason why I chose to do this conference was to share my experience with the community and explain the vital importance of communication with our children, as I believe some children never have a chance at a young age to communicate with their parents.

Also many of us just educate our children the same way schools and churches do. However, we forget the main and most vital issue, communication.

I didn’t get the chance to participate in much communication with my son Champion before he died and today this affects me as a mother and leaves me heartbroken.

My lack of communication with my son leaves me feeling so terribly guilty. I have lost him now and nothing I say or feel can ever bring him back but I can help parents to not be like me and communicate with their children.

I want to go to every borough and share my experiences and help others mothers and fathers and explain to them why communication at home is so important.

I bless God for this conference in Newham, parents came up to me and told me how much they really enjoyed it and that I should bring it to every borough across London.

This conference helps parents to understand and ask questions and at the same time change. It also allows them the opportunity to hear others opinions and experiences and views!

It was quite amazing to see people react to all the different views.

Parents didn’t want to leave on the day they enjoyed it that much and learnt so much from it. We also had police officers, mental health professionals, people from the education sector, ex gang members, and a mother who’s son is in prison and writing a book.

I’m really concerned about knife crimes and how they are affecting our society and as mother I can feel all the mothers pains and I think we need to start to know and understand the outside world and how it can be very difficult for our children.

It is vital that we communicate and share as much as we can with our children, sit them down and talk to them. Because if we don’t someone else might and they might well be the wrong person and we run this risk of losing our child altogether.

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