‘I’m a working mum not a career politician, enough is enough I want to make that change’

Romford Labour party announced their candidate last week to stand in the upcoming election.

Angelina Latherbarrow is a well known member of the local Labour party and is known throughout the community.

The Havering Daily chatted with the local mum about why she is running as the Romford Candidate.

I believe that I would bring a sense of fairness and social justice back to Romford that it really needs at the moment.

I am seeing too many people relying on food banks. People that are employed and hold vital jobs such as nurses and prison wardens. There is no value on how they are treated and no respect for the amazing work they provide in our community.

I see pensioners waiting and waiting for treatment at their local hospital and young people suffering mental health problems watching their families trying to survive.

Labour candidate Angelina

Whilst we are focusing all our time on Brexit, we are letting this Government off the hook with all the other important issues going on now.

In 1992 there were 2 food banks across the country now there are over 2,000 and there is always this stigma attached to it.

There are many people on zero hour contracts who get told they don’t have any hours to work for weeks and yet they can’t claim any benefit. This is all insecure work and affecting our community.

The system is rigged and against the most vulnerable in our community and I’ve not see our current MP make any changes to help stop this.

I want to represent the needs of Romford. I am not a career politician but a working mum who says enough is enough and wants to make a change”.

Here is Angelina’s bio, the Labour party’s candidate for Romford.

I’m a working mum of two , married to a local lad and have lived in Romford for 15 years. I’ve built a life here after moving out of East London , like so many who have moved to Havering over the decades.

My two daughters go to school here and we rely on public services such as our parks and libraries to increase our quality of life.

I’m not a career politician – I have worked in the public service sector for most of my working life , including for the NHS here in Romford at Queens Hospital. I have seen therefore first-hand the impacts that a decade of Conservative Party austerity has had on our families and communities , all voted for by our current MP.

I believe we all want the same things – A properly funded police force so we can all feel safe walking our streets. An NHS which has sufficient staff and resources to ensure our needs are met quickly and efficiently. An affordable home of our own. A well funded Local Authority which can meet the needs of its constituents .That shouldn’t be too much to ask for should it ?

I will fight for every resident in Romford to have the right to dignity, equality and aspiration in their lives. I will challenge a system which allows billionaires to avoid paying tax whilst hard working families in low paid or zero-hours jobs are forced to use food banks.

The system is rigged against the many of us in favour of the elite few. We need a MP who will represent Romford with passion and pride , standing up to unfairness and inequality rather than allowing them to flourish and prosper. We need a Labour Government that puts people before privilege and allows ordinary families like yours and mine to have the quality of life we deserve.

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