‘I find Mrs Lawrence remarks disingenuous and slanderous’.

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Former firefighter Trevor McKeever from Elm Park today writes for the Havering Daily in regards to Baroness Lawrence stating in a recent interview that firefighter’s response to Grenfell was racist.

Trevor writes:

As a former firefighter who retired after 30 years operational service, 17 years of which were at Kingsland Road in Hackney, I find Mrs Lawrence remarks disingenuous and slanderous. All she has managed to do is feed the fire of racism by trying to cause division, playing straight into the hands of the racists.

Former firefighter Trevor McKeever.

Mrs Lawrence have you ever been in a flat or house fire when the smoke is floor to ceiling? I have, most times you can’t see your hand in front of your face, you sometimes have to crawl round on your hands and knees doing a finger tip search for people, because if you stand up you will putting yourself into extreme heat.

So Mrs Lawrence most times you have not got a clue who you have just rescued until you get them to safety.

Now please do the right thing and go back to Channel 4 and publicly apologies to all the firefighters you slandered, Mrs Lawrence you have made a very bad misguided mistake.

Your son was taken away from you in tragic circumstances and I send my personal condolences, I understand that there is no love, like a mother’s love for her son or daughter, but this does not automatically make every firefighter that attended Grenfell a racist.

Mrs Lawrence, if at any time you feel that you would like an open discussion to justify your comments, I will happily oblige.

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