Councillor Nunn joins in police operation.


Councillor Stephanie Nunn, from the Hornchurch Resident’s Association today writes for the Havering Daily.

On Monday I observed part of a police operation on the district line
between Upminster and Barking Station.

This was a robbery focused operation with officers from several locations, British Transport police and a specialist dog unit. Focus on personal robbery was shown to be needed from local intelligence. Most crimes being committed between 3 pm and 9 pm.

Seven people were stopped for potential drug possession in the first 45 minutes at Elm Park Station and this number went up as the station got busier. The dogs work in shifts and are smart intelligent animals. They are working dogs and not to be touched or petted.

If they smell drugs on anyone they follow them from the station where officers wearing gloves take over. Penalties are given according to previous history.

This was very interesting to observe and reassuring for our community. Thank you to Sergeant Ian Handley who advised me that there were 8 arrests and 16 positive stop and search for drugs.

The leader of Havering council was also present at this event, however he did not spend the day with them. I am not part of the administration so my photograph was not taken. He is campaigning to be MP. I am giving positive press to our local police. Councillor Barry Mugglestone took part in a similar operation in April this year.

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