EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Resident Associations working together for a better Havering

Residents Associations across Havering have been working together. Havering’s Residents Associations H.R.A for short, have recognised public dissatisfaction in the direction of travel the current Conservative Administration are taking the borough.

Gillian Ford, Chair of H.R.A.

Councillor Gillian Ford the Chair of H.R.A said:

‘The frustration of not being listened to has led to resident disquiet. We cannot ignore their concerns and as their elected representatives we will continue to represent our residents, offering realistic achievable options that work with our residents rather than against’. 

Councillor Ray Morgan Leader of the opposition went on to say:

‘Harold Wood Residents Association are not part of H.R.A as they made the decision on the day of the last election to align with the Conservatives. They are as accountable as the Conservative Administration for the loss of 30 minutes free car parking and the loss of open green space through housing development proposals’.

One thought on “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Resident Associations working together for a better Havering

  • 28th September 2019 at 9:20 pm

    Waiting to see what happens with the brick fields Cranham


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