VIDEO: Bereaved mums join forces with security company and police to donate bleed kit to Elm Park shop used as ‘safe haven’.

The Console Clinic in Elm Park opened its doors as a safe haven last week to anyone who needs a safe place to go to. Shop owner Kyle, was aware of the recent ongoing anti social behaviour issues in the area and decided to help his local community by opening his doors to anyone who feels unsafe on their way home.

Yesterday Kyle was joined by bereaved mums Sue Hedges and Julie Taylor who handed over a bleed kit to his store. Sue is from the Ricky Hayden Foundation and Julie is from the Liam Taylor Legacy and both are anti knife crime crusaders who have dedicated all their life to stopping others from going through the horrors they went through.

The mums were joined by Scott from JFF Security and Solutions Ltd who reached out to the mums offering to pay for more bleed kits to be installed across the area. Scott is a fantastic community champion who lives in Havering and supports the community in every way he can. As the owner of a security company, Scott is keen to help tackle knife crime, anti social behaviour and violence towards women and girls.

The team were also joined by Sergeant Jane Collard from Havering Police who has been supporting the mums as they donate bleed kits to as many local areas as they can.

A united community working together such as this, helps saves lives and tackle anti social behaviour.

Well done to all of you involved.

These kits are from the Daniel Baird Foundation and approved by the London Ambulance Service.

The two bereaved mums are joined by Sergeant Jane Collard, members of JFF Security and Solutions Ltd and Kyle from the Console Clinic in Elm Park yesterday.

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