VIDEO: Pride Flag raised over Romford Police station to celebrate Pride month.


To celebrate the start of Pride month, the flag was raised outside of Romford police station yesterday (Tuesday 7 June). East Area Police’s LGBTQ+ Adviser Sergeant Jane Collard proudly raised the flag to be flown outside of Romford police station to mark the start of Pride month and recognising the fantastic work our LGBTQ+ community do in our society.

Sergeant Collard told the Havering Daily: “I believe that raising the LGBTQ+ flag at Romford police station is a simple, but powerful, gesture. It underpins our commitment to equality for all, I am proud to be a member of the Metropolitan police service and proud to be part of the LGBTQ+ community. Although this is just one month, as an LGBT+ adviser I will continues to work throughout the year to build trust with LGBTQ+ communities, promote hate crime reporting, support other police staff to be who they want to be and, most importantly, celebrate our differences positively.”

Sergeant Collard works extremely hard not only doing her role as a Safer Neighbourhoods Police Officer but also as East Area’s LGBTQ+ Adviser supporting our LGBTQ+ community across our area. Jane is a very friendly and outgoing officer who brings positive solutions to difficult problems she encounters.

Sergeant Jane raising the Pride flag yesterday outside Romford Police station.
The Pride flag flying outside of Romford police station.

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