Behind the Badge-Havering’s Wildlife Crime Police Officer one of the best in the country.

Havering’s Wildlife Crime Police Officer PC Anthony Kiddle is one of the best in the country. The Havering Daily had an opportunity to speak with PC Kiddle about his role in the community as our Wildlife Officer.

PC KIddle has been the borough’s Wildlife Officer for the last 15 years and during that time he was voted ‘Top Wildlife Crime Officer’ for two years in a row. PC Kiddle has two roles in Havering, both of which he does extremely well.

He told the Havering Daily:”Being Havering’s Wildlife Officer is actually quite a unique job that has an in depth role. The aim is to protect natural species which means I get to work with internal law and trade laws to do this, it really is a whole raft of things.

“It was something I was very much interested in at school but I have also taught myself a lot doing this role.”

Being Wildlife Officer here, may seem to some a role not really needed, but actually the work PC Kiddle does is vast and very much needed in today’s society.

“The role covers anything from UK Native species such as deer poaching or fish poaching in this area to badger persecution. I am involved with building works that might have impacts on our wildlife and work alongside partners such as DEFRA, and the UK Border Agency.”

PC KIddle is a well respected police officers with twenty two years service in the Met and was seconded to the Central Wildlife Crime Unit for a period of time.

“International poaching is something I have worked a lot on. For example rhino horns may not seem as valuable as drugs to some, yet they are even more lucrative and sadly the sentencing isn’t as harsh as it should be.”

PC Kiddle would like to see sentencing increased for people who are caught and convicted of poaching animals or animal parts such a rhino horns or elephant tusks.

In 2012 Anthony was voted Top Wildlife Crime Officer and again in 2013 following all the incredible hard work he does.

“The hardest part of the job is doing the investigation,” he tells us. “Once I have received the call, it is already a few days after the incident and that makes evidence gathering hard.”

When PC Kiddle is not doing his role as the borough’s Wildlife Crime Officer, he also runs a very successful team of Police Cadets in Havering. And when he does get some time off, he enjoys tinkering on his classic cars as break from his heavy work load.

Well done to PC Kiddle for all the ongoing hard work he does in our community and if anyone is aware of any poaching issues here in the area, please report them to 101 or Crimestoppers.

PC Anthony Kiddle Top Wildlife Crime Officer.

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