VIDEO: Hero PCSO rushes to save life of stabbed teenager.

Police commendation ceremony praises the incredible unsung heroes whose actions have saved lives.

On the 12 of March last year PCSO Gary Stow heard a 999 call made stating that a young male in school uniform had been stabbed four times. PCSO Stow was out on his own on cycle patrol and immediately made his way to the location.

Before arrival to the scene, the officer started to record on his body worn vest, action that was later praised by investigating CID officers as it not only helped the investigation but may well have caught the suspect too.

Upon arrival of the stabbing, PCSO Stow found a 15 year old male laying on the floor surrounded by a large group of people, some of whom were clearly distressed. The officer remained calm and administered vital first aid to the victim, identifying the most serious stab wound and applying pressure to stop the bleeding. Whilst doing this PCSO Stow reassured the victim and bystanders, kept the victim talking and awake as he waited for the ambulance to arrive.

PCSO Stow’s action were both professional and crucial in saving the victim’s life. Even though he out on his own he rushed to the scene and his actions saved a teenager’s life.Despite horrific injuries, the victim survived thanks to PCSO Stow’s quick thinking.

Yesterday, at a police commendation ceremony PCSO Stow was one of the officers who received a Borough Commander Commendation for his heroic actions, professionalism, calmness and life saving skills.

BCU Commander Mr Clayman at yesterday’s commendation ceremony.

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