Substandard work, rude builders, blocked up pathways-Romford residents angry at shoddy building works.


Residents living on Mawney Close are furious at the substandard work being done to their homes and the lack of communication from council officials.

In June this year roofing work began on a pilot house on Mawney Close in Romford. This was the start of work being undertaken on properties on the Romford road by a company hired by the council.

Now, six months on and residents living on Mawney Close are angry with the shoddy work they have had on their properties but also the lack of communication and assistance from the council.

Steve, who lives on Mawney Close told the Havering Daily:

“The first house this company did back in June was terrible. We saw three different people doing the roofing and the work they had done was awful.

“We then experienced this for ourselves and it has been a whole catalogue of disasters. Not only has the work been substandard but the builders have been rude, they swear all the time, they damage people’s property.They have damaged garden furniture, spa’s, they have rushed the job.

“When the site manager left, he took all the amenities with him so the builders were left with no electricity and were knocking on our doors asking us if we could plug their tools in.”

Residents are not only angry but feel let down by the council who have not communicated with them.

Angie who also lives on Mawney Close, told the Havering Daily:

“The slates they have put on the roof have coming sliding off. We have found tiles in our garden and on one occasion, I even found a Stanely knife that had been left on the roof, in my back garden.

“There has been scaffolding up across windows blocking up fire exits, stopping satelite dishes from working. We are also concerned because we saw bags that clearly contained asbestos slung on skips and were told by the builders that they had discovered asbestos despite being informed by the council that there was no asbestos.”

Mandy who is disabled, has also struggled with the building work.

“They blocked up path ways with their vehicles made it difficult for us to walk by. There has been so much disruption here. They parked up on our patch of green and have completely destroyed it, most of the grass has now gone.”

Steve continued:

“Frankly we have been treated appalling and not one person has been to see how bad this work really is and to top it off we are being charged £20,000 for it. We have had no letters of communication or anything.”

The Residents are also angry that new roof tiles have been placed at the front of their properties but old tiles used at the back. They also fear that their small patch of green could now be taken away.

Mawney Councillor Dilip Patel is now working to help residents and these ongoing issues.

He told the Havering Daily:

“This is not acceptable, I am working with officials to resolve these issues as soon as possible and will be speaking with residents to make sure there is communication.”

A Havering Council spokesperson said:

“The works being carried out at Mawney Close are part of a £10m programme by the Council to improve many of the borough’s Council-owned estates, so our tenants live in safer and decent homes.

“It’s very important we speak with residents when major works are being carried out, so they are all fully aware of what is going on.

“Both BTS Property Solutions and our Council officers  have continued to speak to tenants directly and ensured letters were sent out, to inform them of the works taking place and encouraged them to discuss any issues.

“This will continue after the site is cleared at the end of this week. Staff from BTS Property Solutions as well as our own Council staff, will still be available for residents to speak to.

“We can confirm that asbestos removal took place in compliance with the regulations of the works. It was put into a licensed asbestos skip, which has already been removed from the site.

“On completion of the works, leaseholders will be charged their share of the costs, which are in line with the type of works taking place.”

The guttering leaking water.
Asbestos bags.
Asbestos bags on the skip.
Damage done to people’s gardens.
Water pouring from the guttering.

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