Mud build up causes chaos on Rainham road.

For the last few weeks, posts about the large build up of mud on the A1306 have filled Rainham social media groups.  The stretch of road affected is the A1306, from Lambs Lane to the roundabout just past the Willow Farm, Premier Inn. 

Many residents have reported losing control of their cars and sliding dangerously towards other vehicles.  There have also been a number of accidents over the last week, including a collision between a bus, cars and a motorcyclist whose bike slid because of the conditions.

Independent Resident (Beam Park) member Ross Elliott has been dealing with this issue and told the Havering Daily:

“I have raised the issue to the council twice now and I know others have too.  The road has been covered in dirt for a while, but with recent rainfall, the dirt turns to mud and then becomes dangerous.  There is a quarry close by and you can often see lorries covered in mud entering and leaving the site.  The council said they would consider enforcement action if needed, however, I have seen private cleaning vehicles as well as council cleaning vehicles cleaning the road since, so we are hopeful that they are trying to help correct this important issue.”

One thought on “Mud build up causes chaos on Rainham road.

  • 23rd December 2021 at 6:52 pm

    What gives you the right to use my lorry in yr picture without consent!
    Neil Sullivans


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