‘He should reconsider his position as London Assembly Member.’

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Shaun Bailey,former Mayoral Candidate resigns as Chair of the London Assembly’s Policing Committee after photos emerged of him at a Christmas party last year whilst the country was in strict lockdown restrictions.

The Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas today writes in the Havering Daily about the ongoing scandal of the Tory Christmas parties held whilst the nation was in tier 2 lock down restrictions.

Photos emerged on Monday of Shaun Bailey at a Christmas party at Tory HQ and he has since resigned as the Chair of the London Assembly’s Policing Committee.

Mr Cruddas writes:

“I was very disappointed to see the photo of Shaun Bailey and another twenty Conservatives partying away, drinks in hand, in their headquarters in December 2020 when the rest of London was expected to comply with the rules.

“On the night of his raucous party over 500 people died from Covid. This is a person who was standing to be Mayor of London, I think Londoners expect more of people who seek high office. I hear that he has quit from his post as Chair of the London Assembly’s Policing Committee, that’s the least he must do, he should reconsider his position as a London Assembly Member.”

Shaun Bailey at the Christmas party last year. Photo credit The Mirror newspaper.

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