Walk and Talk scheme held by East Area police to reassure women on their safety.

Last week the Met Police launched their Walk and Talk scheme– and so far three Walk and Talks requested have been completed for Havering and four in Redbridge are being arranged.

East Area police are continuing to have a focus on Women’s Safety. One initiative offered is for women in our community to be invited to join a female officer for a Walk and Talk. The idea being that if a female feels unsafe at a particular location or their route home for example, an officer would walk with them and discuss why they feel unsafe and any ideas that could make the location safer. Some factors are environmental/design. This is then fed back by way of a short questionnaire being completed.

A request for Walk and Talk can be made by sending an email to EAMailbox-.WalkandTalk@met.police.uk

Last Monday 6th December, Superintendent Lisa Butterfield attended a safety walk with the Leader of Redbridge council, Cllr Jas Athwal. They visited York Road and the London Borough of Redbridge Enforcement Hub set up by Councillor Athwal, which provides a ‘touch down’ / reporting hub to NPT & LBR enforcement officers during set hours throughout the week.

Supt Butterfield said: ‘What we could see was a start contrast to the safety walk done in the summer, and how noticeably different dark nights impact feelings of safety when walking off the main streets. This forms part of our safety walks and LBR work around street safety and their crime commission recommendations”

After the walk, a panel was held about safety / trust with Deputy London Mayor of policing and Council Leader Councillor Jas Athwal. They talked about trust in policing and community confidence and working with partners and charities to improve the servicethe police give victims and communities.

The Police also spoke at the Redbridge Islamic centre – again addressing community confidence and policing – with Councillor Jas Athwal and Baroness Warsi. Officers spoke about hate crime and how we build trust and improve how the police work with Faith communities.

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