VIDEO: Night-Time Marshalls launched in Romford Town Centre.

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Night-Time Marshalls were launched on Friday 19th of November at Romford town centre. There has been endless amounts of work going on between Havering Council, East Area police and local venues to keep Romford town centre as free from anti social behaviour as possible.

Last Friday evening, a team of Night-Time Marshalls took to the town centre streets to help patrol the area alongside the police and Street Pastors. They are there to provide an additional reassuring presence alongside Havering’s Community Safety and Enforcement Teams. Their work will mainly be helping people get home safely and leaving the town centre once pubs and clubs close.

Following the ongoing concerns with drink spiking and mobile phone thefts, the town centre partners are working with clubs and pubs to keep Friday night revellers safe.

The Havering Daily joined Jane from Havering’s Tatical Enforcement Team, and the new Night-Time Marshalls at Atik on South Street on Friday evening to watch a nightly briefing by partners to discuss key points for the evening ahead.

Staff from Atik and The Slug and Lettuce pub all work closely with our East Area Romford Town Centre Police and Council Enforcement team to keep Romford as safe as possible. A great deal of hard work is being done by all partners to make sure people are safe when going on of a night time.

Staff at Atik nightclub talking about ongoing safety issues.
Night-Time Marshalls with Romford Town Centre Police Officers and Staff from the Slug and Lettuce pub.
The Night-Time Marshalls.
The briefing held at Atik nightclub on Friday evening.

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