Operation Sceptre provides great results across East Area including the removal of 4 firearms and zombie style knives.

Following a week of intensive action as part of Operation Sceptre to reduce knife crime and violent crime across the capital, East Area have once again produced some great results with proactive policing across the three east London boroughs.

Thirty four stop and searches were undertaken with eleven arrest that included the removal of four firearms and several zombie style knives. East Area police have worked long and hard to really tackle violent crime off our streets and not only remove life changing weapons but also arrest those intent on causing harm to others.

On Thursday 18 November two males were arrested for possession of an offensive weapon due to several zombie style knives found at a residential address in Dagenham.

The firearms were found at Heenan Close in Barking and are believed to be high end air weapons.

Last week the Met took part in Operation Sceptre; nationally led campaign with an intensified operational focus on targeting knife crime and habitual knife carriers while also preventing knife crime through education and diversion work.

Collaborative effort, with numerous teams and units coming together across London. Officers will also be working closely with colleagues from the British Transport Police and City of London.

Officers carried out a huge range of activity all with the aim of reducing knife crime and targeting high harm offenders, including: 

 Targeted activity in violence hotspots, incorporating intel-led high-vis patrols; 

Weapon sweeps in knife crime areas, and places the community has told us there might be knives; 

  Knife arch deployments with BTP at transport hubs to target habitual knife carriers; 

Warrants to target high harm offenders. 

Alongside enforcement, there was a strong focus on education, diversion and prevention:

Officers provided presentations to young people, offering details of support services and valuable information to inform them of the devastating consequences of carrying a knife.  

Officers engaged with businesses and educating them to ensure they do not sell knives irresponsibly, to a vulnerable young person.   

This was a huge amount of work going on across the board, this type of work is actually going on in the Met on a daily basis – however under Operation Sceptre, efforts are being intensified.

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