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Today in the Havering Daily, Independent Residents Beam Park candidate Ross Elliott writes about the air quality issues affecting the south of Havering.

It wasn’t until about six months ago, after a neighbour mentioned it to me, that I started to smell the odour of burnt diesel in the air. Ever since then, day and night, I can smell it. Sometimes it can be pungent and overpowering, other times just a faint odour on a breeze.

Rainham has always been known for the stench released by Rainham sewage works, which is located very close to the new developments along the A1306, however, this smell is very different, stronger and the way it affects my chest is most likely toxic.

At first, I thought the smell was local to Rainham, however, when someone recently mentioned it in a Facebook post in a community group, I soon realised many others as far as Hornchurch and Elm Park were also being affected by this smell. Some describe the smell as Tarmac and others as burning diesel/oil.

Ross Elliott – Independent Residents (Beam Park)

Over the last six months, my neighbour and I have kept diaries of when we could smell the odour and I have passed the information on to the Environmental Health department to investigate. However, a source of a smell can often be difficult to locate, so I continue to share residents’ suggestions and ideas of the source, with the council.

Last week the council responded informing me they plan to do several visits to the area, at different times of the day, to try and identify the source of the smell. I am hoping by working together as a community we can help them locate it, as it is already hard to breathe in the south of Havering.

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