Confidence in the Met is at an all time low they state-but is it or is this just what we are being force fed?

Countless news reports tell us that confidence in the Met police is at an all time low they state -but is it or is this just what we are being force fed?

Certainly the brutal kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard has shocked everyone- especially members of the Met Police themselves. The hardest part to deal with is that he was a police officer, a man who men and women, but women in particular are supposed to trust and turn to when we need help and are at our most vulnerable. And of course the horrific way he lured Sarah to her death.

The focus now is on the so called culture of misogyny across police forces and how police culture needs to drastically change. We are also being told that the public have no Faith in our police-yet word on the streets is that they actually do.

As a journalist I work everyday with both male and female officers and have done so for many years.Each one of these officers actually make a difference in our community on most days. As I write this- there is a police officer somewhere about to go to work, chances are their heads are hung low having read countless articles about how corrupt they all are or sexist or racist and are questioning themselves why even bother?

Yet, they put that uniform on and do their job and when we dial that number, they arrive. Yesterday, what we are not told is that across London a police officer has saved a person’s life, but that has no value as it really isn’t newsworthy for some. Another frontline police officer has spent hours talking to a person with mental health issues who should be dealing with specialist mental health officials yet due to cuts there aren’t any so the police officer is left to deal with this. That officer would have spent a large part of his day talking to this person, guiding him in the right direction and possibly stopping him from taking his own life. But then who cares? Again, it isn’t newsworthy.

This list can go on and on but it won’t make any headlines.

Yes, there are issues that need to be addressed and a review will help this process. But what is equally important is that there are thousands of police officers across the capital who do an outstanding job everyday and their commitment and dedication to protecting our communities is second to none.

The public have not lost Faith in our police, they actually recognise that it is one of, if not the hardest job you can find in our society. Being a police officer today is like fighting during gladiator times. You are continuously working in a public arena and ultimately fighting a wild animal, never knowing who is going to be the winner.

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