Beam Park station campaign.

On Monday 27 September over fifty local households joined Jon Cruddas MP in a virtual meeting to make clear their disappointment and anger at the government’s decision to withdraw support, and therefore cancel the promised station at Beam Park. Many told Jon that their decision to buy a new home at Beam Park was based on there being a station. 

Residents are determined to get the government to reverse its decision. They also said that if this campaign is not successful, they will be looking into their legal rights as they feel they have been victims of misrepresentation.

Jon Cruddas assured residents that he is committed to leading the campaign to persuade the Department for Transport to change its mind and deliver Beam Park station. He reported that as well as writing to the Secretary of State for Transport, he has launched a petition, met with c2c and the Beam Park developer, Countryside. Following conversations with the Greater London Assembly and Barking & Dagenham Council Jon said the campaign has full support from the Mayor of London and Barking & Dagenham.

Jon said “This is an outrageous decision that makes a mockery of levelling up and of the government’s demands for more homes to be built in Havering. But worse than that, this is a massive blow to those people who have bought homes in the area specifically because they believed the promise of a new station on their doorstep. It’s not just those people on Beam Park, I have been contacted by others who have bought homes in nearby roads.

“This bolt from the blue leaves enormous question marks over future phases of the Beam Park scheme and other housing development off New Road towards Dovers Corner Rainham. I don’t see how the Council will be able to allow planning permissions to go ahead unless the government sees sense.

“What is really baffling me is that this government decision isn’t about finance, so I want them to come clean with answers. I have given a commitment to local people to pursue this issue and I will honour that commitment, unlike this government. I will take opportunities to raise this matter in Parliament to press for a change of mind.”  

The petition has reached over 1000 signatures in the first three weeks. Add your name here:

One thought on “Beam Park station campaign.

  • 10th October 2021 at 10:52 am

    To close businesses and get the GLA Housing Zone started along New Road the Council Leader promised a “Garden Suburb”. Few believed this promise but at least the other promise of a station seemed real and would make the housing viable!

    Havering Strategic Planning committee approved the many tower blocks with no parking on this basis, but now the station has been cancelled!

    Its a scandal as without the prospect of the station none of the Beam Park development could have been approved within the planning rules, due to the lack of parking and very limited bus services. Our MP, developers and residents are rightly outraged by this, but it appears blaming the government is misplaced, as it appears Havering Council and the GLA are to blame, as both conspired to fool the public, as it appears there never was a promise by the Department of Transport to build a station!

    The station was a carrot waived to attract developers and buyers to boost land values to make the housing viable, but no actual agreement had been reached with the Department of Transport to build the station and its not due to a lack of money but simply because the DoT want to prioritise freight on this line and so don’t want a new station creating congestion, hence new promises to enhance Rainham and Dagenham Dock stations.

    In short the Council and GLA misrepresented the situation in order to meet housing targets by building very tall tower blocks with no parking or public transport and this will create a nightmare for surrounding areas who will suffer from the resulting overspill parking and other demands on public services.


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