Anger at pothole misery across Havering.

Residents’ Association councillors are once again dismayed by the continuing problems that Havering Council’s Highways Department are having in repairing potholes across the borough. One RA councillor last week received the following response when chasing up a large pothole in Park Farm Road, Upminster –

‘Works orders were raised in June for these to be rectified. Unfortunately, Highways are still working through the backlog of orders, caused by the impact of COVID, and works are taking slightly longer to complete. All outstanding orders have been chased with our contractor, and it is hoped that these will be completed by the end of September.’

Councillor John Tyler (Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association – Cranham Ward) said

“When we called-in the Highways Contract Extension in May, we were told that Havering Council were working to improve the lengthy time it was taking to undertake even serious repairs. However, three months on, it is obvious that this has not happened. If there is a three-month waiting period for pothole repairs in the middle of the summer, what is it going to be like once the winter arrives and roads start to suffer from problems caused by cold weather?”

He added “The chronic council staffing issues that have been building up since well before the pandemic, don’t appear to show any signs of improvement. That is why we have put a motion before the next Full Council Meeting on 01 September, calling for the Administration to prepare an urgent report identifying the reasons why so many staff have left and the measures it intends to take to remedy these shortages. The Leader and the rest of the Administration need to take this seriously, rather than just continually putting out stories of how well they are doing, when the evidence clearly shows that this is not the case.”

Please see the following link regarding the previous call-in of the Highways Contract Extension – . We will be submitting a further press release over the next few days specifically concerning the motion mentioned above. The motion is available via p.457 of the reports pack for the next council meeting (available via this link)

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