College to undertake a ‘wholesale review’ amidst fears of downgrading.


Angry A Level students protested outside of Havering Sixth Form College in Hornchurch yesterday amidst fears that their results have been ‘down graded.’

Students stood side to side with their parents demonstrating with placards after many had lost their chosen university spots due to the down grading of their results.

Matthew Cornish told the Havering Daily: “I was predicted between an A to an A* in my philosophy, yet I got a C. This has cost me my place at Birmingham university. Nobody in my philosophy class had got anything lower than a B. I know a girl who had been getting all B grades, when she got her results they were all U’s.

“These results are either stating that our teachers are massively incompetent or that something has gone very wrong. This has affected between 500-600 students.”

The Hornchurch and Upminster MP Julia Lopez has raised students worries in a meeting with the Principal and senior leadership of Havering Sixth Form College after receiving countless complaints from worried A Level students.

Mrs Lopez met College Principal Janet Smith yesterday morning to talk about these issues raised.

Mrs Smith explained that the College has now reviewed grades across the board and found that most initial target grades did not change from the actual results given in the majority of subjects. This has not been the case for other subjects, however, particularly maths and humanities. 

The College is now actively considering all appeals and for some subjects will undertake a wholesale review that will determine whether the right grade boundaries were applied. This will be taking place from today and they hope to let students know later this week or early next whether they will receive different grades. The College aims to complete the process as soon as possible and will assist students in liaising with universities or other institutions if necessary.

A statement from Gerry McDonald, Group Principal and CEO, New City College:  

“We have followed a robust, evidence-based grading and moderation process, focused on data integrity. If students have concerns about their grades, it is important that they follow our appeals process so that we can try to resolve these concerns as quickly as possible. Where sufficient additional evidence is produced, grades will be reviewed.” 

Parent Sara outside of Havering Sixth Form College and a pupil Matthew Cornish yesterday voice their anger and concerns.
Parents protesting.
Students angry with their results.
Matthew Cornish with other students yesterday.

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