Residents pull together to tackle overgrown gardens for disabled owners.

Last week, Sarah Boshier, a Harold Hill resident, put out a cry for help for volunteers to help tackle two over-grown gardens that belong to her disabled neighbours.

Due to lockdown and one of the neighbours being moved into a care home, the gardens had grown out of control. It was too big a task for Sarah to tackle it herself, so she decided to ask for help on a local Facebook community group.

Seven volunteers came forward and despite the non stop rain, they were able to transform the two gardens in only a couple of hours.

Sarah told the Havering Daily: “After having no luck with the council, I decided to put up a post asking for help. That’s when Ross Elliott from the Havering Daily got in touch. I am very grateful to Ross, Ash, Sean and Claire, as well as my own children Rachael-Leigh and Ryan for helping out. We have done a great job and it now looks completely different.”

Ross Elliott said, “Having taken on projects like this before, I was able to assemble a small team of friends who have helped me in the past and are always willing to help me out.

“Having only seen a picture of the gardens beforehand, it wasn’t until we arrived we realised the scale of the work ahead, however, with many hands and the right tools, we made light work of it. The only issue is, we now have 20-30 bags of cuttings to dispose of. I am hoping someone in the community can help with that.”

Great team work by the community has achieved some fantastic results. Well done to everyone involved.

If you are able to help dispose of the cuttings, please email, us at

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