Romford Conservatives pledge to revive Romford with all new ‘Town Centre Team.’

Romford Conservatives have announced that they are forming a new Town Centre Team, tasked specifically with looking at how to improve Romford’s town centre Market Place.  

Councillors from the three Wards of St. Edward’s, St. Alban’s and Rush Green and Crowlands, Andrew Rosindell M.P. and two M.P.’s Representatives will co-ordinate residents’ concerns and suggestions about the Town Centre. 

This will support former Mayor, and one of the best Mayor’s Havering has ever had, Dilip Patel, who has been appointed to a new position of Deputy Cabinet Member for Business Recovery. “Romford has been hit hard by the pandemic,” Councillor Patel said. “As a small business owner, I know that the next year is going to be crucial in restoring our high street and protecting the jobs and services that the people of Romford have come to rely on.”  

Andrew Rosindell M.P. believes that Havering benefits from a unique identity as a “Town and Country Borough” and he wants to ensure Romford retains its character.

“We have seen a lot of noise made about London, reviving the West End and the tourist centres. This is good, but it’s not going to necessarily benefit Romford. Our town of Romford has a unique identity as a part of the historic country of Essex, as well as being on the edge of London. We need to make sure that our recovery retains that identity and that we don’t end up being just a commuter town for London.” 

The Town Centre Team will look to engage with residents across three Wards, collecting their views as to how they would like to see Romford fight back. This will include regular meetings with local businesses and community leaders.  

Councillor Judith Holt, Chairman of the Romford Conservative Association, believes that now is the time to start work.  

“Rather than waiting till things improve, we need to start now,” Councillor Holt said. “With Crossrail coming, there is a risk that residents find it easier to get what they need elsewhere. The Town Centre Team will be fighting to protect local businesses and services such as banks and restaurants.

“We will lobby Havering Council to continue to support al-fresco dining. Also, we will begin to look at how we can freshen up the Market Square.” 

The Town Centre Team invite you to submit your suggestions, for how to improve and protect Romford, by visiting or emailing

The new Romford Town Centre Team.

2 thoughts on “Romford Conservatives pledge to revive Romford with all new ‘Town Centre Team.’

  • 20th July 2021 at 8:13 am

    Romford is not in an imaginary county that doesn’t exist, Romford is in east London.

  • 20th July 2021 at 4:49 pm

    The first thing this ‘new Team’ can do is to get Havering Council to update its web site to include the new Ward names. Start with the little things and the bigger things will follow. Then we will all understand how the Team has been decided. Thank you for including the Ward I live in. Of course, if you don’t want other residents living in Havering to come to Romford, that’s fine, but at least have the good grace to tell us, rather than only include those living in Romford. Romford is a part of Havering, so the least you could have done Mr Rosindale, is to ask other councillors to be a part of the ‘Team’ as well. That way there would be an overall representation of the Havering residents and their views. If Mr Rosindale and the Romford Conservative Association are going to revive Romford with a new Town Centre Team made up entirely of Conservatives, you can bet your ‘bottom dollar’ they are on the hunt for votes in next year’s Council elections. Quick question. Who’s going to pay for the ideas that may or may not be put in to place, and who’s paying for the ‘Team’? Three guesses…. And as for Councillor Patel, having been appointed to a new position of Deputy Cabinet Member for Business Recovery, (what’s in title?), does that mean he now gets a greater share of the ‘Queen’s shilling’ for his new role? Also, as he is also running a small business, he must work far longer hours than Mr White, but like his other committee colleagues who don’t attend meetings, no doubt he’ll still be paid his ‘wack’ for doing nothing.


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