Storm in a teapot-new tea rooms in Collier Row open its doors.


A new tea room in Collier Row opened on Saturday with all the community and local councillors attending to taste the delicious tea and cakes on offer.

‘Storm in teapot’ is a dream born during the lock down periods by local lady Sophie Reynolds and her husband Josh.

She told the Havering Daily: “My husband is a builder and I am a beautician and between us we decided to open this new tea room to serve the local community.

“I really love engaging with everyone here and it was during the lock down period that I realised just how important local shops really are for the community.

“We saw the importance of our high streets and how people like to come out and be part of a community. Both my husband and I like eating too much and we decided that this would be a great way to serve our locals.”

The team rooms serve amazing food that caters for everyone in the community including those that are lactose intolerant and vegans. There is a wide range of food for all.

Local Councillor Dilip Patel who attended the opening on Saturday to give his support, told the Havering Daily:

“Local shops like these are an excellent part of our community and enrich our high streets. Well done to Sophie and Josh and I look forward to having more of their delicious cakes in the future.”

Councillors Dilip Patel and Jason Frost at the opening on Saturday.
Sophie and husband Josh with Councillors Dilip Patel and Jason Frost with staff member.

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