HGV havoc in Rainham and Wennigton-locals let down.

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A team of campaigners have resorted to getting a two year old child to make a CCTV camera in the hope it’s more effective than the one Havering Conservative and Resident led Council have installed to stop Heavy Goods Vehicle trucks ruining the lives of residents in Wennington Village.

Early this year local MP Jon Cruddas and campaigners were delighted when the council introduced measures to stop HGV’s causing havoc, destroying the carriageway, and damaging air quality. 

However, following installation, it turns out they are almost entirely ineffective in stopping HGV’s driving through Wennington Village. The local Labour Team have therefore taken matters in their own hands and created a camera to show the Conservative and Resident Council where it should have been installed.

Simon Darvill whose two and a half year old daughter painted the camera said “Local Residents are perplexed why the Tories and Resident Association Council have wasted money on a ‘solution’ which solves nothing for local people, I thought my 2 1/2 year old daughter could do much better than Councillor Damian White! Does he even know where Wennington Village is?!”

Local resident Fay Hough who has been campaigning with Jon Cruddas MP on this for a long time said “How the council have got this so wrong has baffled residents, we are calling for the council to put right the situation by installing signage at the junction of Wennington Road and East Hall Lane, halting HGV access via the Village and redirecting to the A1306 entrance.”

Campaigner Mohammed Siddique said “Residents in Havering have been let down by their ‘independent’ councillors for years, this is yet another issue they have been silent on. The Tories can’t even install traffic calming measures let alone anything else in our local area, and if the local councillors won’t stand up for Wennington Village, we will.”

Simon Darvill, Fay Hough and Mohammed Siddique.

2 thoughts on “HGV havoc in Rainham and Wennigton-locals let down.

  • 20th July 2021 at 10:47 am

    We need to clarify a couple of points. Havering Council is Conservative ‘led’. It does have a mix of other parties, but the decisions are made by a majority of Conservative councillors and turncoat conservative councillors. The local councillors would have made their submissions, but the overall decision as to the camera placement, was by way of a ‘conservative’ majority vote. Even the current independent local councillors agreed that the new camera would not be enforcing ALL HGVs. The real, and important issue that is causing the problem appears to the so called protracted legal action to remove East Hall Lane from the weight restriction zone. If Labour Faye and the other campaigners are serious, and I know they are, as I do believe the residents deserve better, they need to make more noise about the legal action. Once that has been resolved, then a full HGV prohibition can be put in place. Instead of trying to score political points against local councillors, who really are on your side, everyone in Wennington Village needs to campaign to get the weight zone lifted in East Hall Lane.

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