Mr Jones’ jesting-A review of the weekly goings on in Havering.

Welcome to our new column by local resident Mr Jones who shares his thoughts and views on the Havering Daily stories run last week with his unique sense of Jones’ jesting to provide an entertaining view on weekly goings on in Havering.

This article, which we hope can become a regular feature, takes an irreverent, with perhaps a touch of sarcasm and irony thrown in, look back at some of the stories published over the last couple of weeks. Your comments are freely invited.

Julia Lopez pulls one out of the bag and beats Messrs Rosindell and Prince with her meeting with TFL regarding Gallows Corner Flyover. On top of that, she has promised to update Havering residents with the reply when she receives it. Over the last twelve months, Messrs Rosindell and Prince have repeatedly told us they have contacted TFL and the Mayor to try and discuss the matter. Mr White has on occasions, added his tuppence worth as well. But, for all those ‘contacts’, how many times have we been told of any replies that have been received? Instead, all we get is political points scoring by being told that the current Mayor is a bit of a useless leader and useless Mayor. What a breath of change from Julia. Don’t let it go now. Let’s get everyone together from all parties and keep this campaign going strong.

Even our Leader of the Council, Mr White has managed to raise his head above the parapet lately. In his recent podcast, which was long on waffle and repetitive comments. He told us how a wider range of individuals were going to be able to use the new covid secure app and ‘pay by phone’, to be able to obtain a 20% parking discount. What he failed to tell us, was just how many of our elderly residents, who don’t have phones, will still have to pay the full price, thereby subsidising the wider range of individuals who can ‘pay by phone’. Elderly residents, Mr White, are voters too.

Oh, by the way, may I ask what a covid secure app is? Is it one that can’t catch the coronavirus, or one that stops the virus from spreading, or one that stops you from getting it, or one that the coronavirus can’t hack? Now, Mr White has also promised 60,000 free swims for all school-going children and young adults living in the borough. What an excellent opportunity to gain some essential exercise that so many of our youngsters are lacking today. I really do hope they will all take advantage of this wonderful offer. Unfortunately, this great opportunity appears to exclude nearly half of the intended recipients, as many will be underage, and some will also be from the less well-off families in our borough.

What we all want to know Mr White, is; How do you propose to cater for the underaged and the less well off; what is the age you have defined as a young adult; when does this activity start, and when in Summer 2022 does it end? Promises are one thing, but what the residents need right now, is a bit more ‘meat on the bone’ details. Please drop a line to The Havering Daily with the answers and we will get them out to everyone straight away. If you are going to make such important announcements in which you will promise us the world, please give us the details as well at the same time. Those are what are more important and will have more of an impact on the readers. They will then know immediately where they stand. Not had a chance to visit the new centre yet, but from the photograph, it certainly looks amazing…., I mean the pool and surroundings.

Mr Rosindell has been featuring quite a bit in the last couple of weeks too. In his recent podcast, he tried to extol the virtues of leaving the GLA, but without telling us the benefits. Even stranger still, he told us how much of a friend to Havering, Mr Johnson was. No hint of leaving the GLA then, but cometh the new Mayor, cometh the idea of leaving the GLA. So just how friendly was Mr Johnson to Havering, and what did he actually do for us?

Mr Rosindell is also a, ‘No’ to vaccine passports, campaigner. This is going to be a real emotive issue that has many connotations for everyone. Then, he was out and about with Mr Prince, campaigning for the reinstatement of the promised Lower Thames Crossing discount. Yes, we should have this perk. If it’s good enough for the other boroughs affected, it’s good enough for Havering. Last but by no means least, the great, all-new, ‘Romford Town Centre Team’. Tasked specifically with looking at how to improve Romford’s town centre Market Place.

Politics is a dirty business, but local politics can be worse. Probably every resident of Havering has shopped in Romford at one time or another, but Mr Rosindell decides that the new ‘Team’ should be all conservatives. Thanks mate! If Romford town centre needs improving, don’t just improve it the ‘conservative way’. There are plenty of other councillors who would be more than willing to put forward ideas, not only from themselves but their residents as well.

Havering is going to need new polling districts as a result of the, fortunately, minor boundary changes recommended by the Boundaries Commission, as opposed to the wholesale slaughter the conservatives were allowed to railroad through to the Boundaries Commission. The real issue is going to be for those who are now in a new Ward, as they will have to vote for a new councillor, instead of the councillor they have come to know and voted for in previous years.

In reality, the polling stations will, in all but a few instances, remain the same because they are based on the locations of suitable places, i.e., schools, halls and community centres. Not the end of the world, voters may have to travel half a mile north, instead of the half a mile south they previously did. Or, a whole mile the first time they vote because they automatically go to the same polling station they have become used to.

Rainham and Wennington residents are up in arms, understandably so. With HGVs thundering through their village, it’s no wonder they are feeling bitterly disappointed with the local council. Who’s ever idea it was to place the ANPR camera where it is, needs ******* *********. On top of that, some HGVs appear to be exempt. Can someone on this council extract the digit and get the long protracted legal dispute resolved. Or, better still, just get the weight restriction lifted from East Hall Lane; it’s not rocket science.

Mr White, fancy a few HGVs thundering down your road at all hours of the day? No, neither do the residents of Wennington!  ******* *********, good guess, but wrong. It doesn’t fit.

Unfortunately, it’s that time of the year when our politicians and councillors take a well-earned break, sorry, exceptionally long holiday. Though for many of us, it seems as though they have a holiday all year round. Things may slow down over the coming weeks as Messrs Rosindell and Prince sit back and let Julia Lopez resolve the Gallows corner problem.

PS. May I also take this opportunity to apologise to Mr Rosindell for spelling his name wrong in so many other comments in the past. I shall take note and learn from my misteaks…. Rear.

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