VIDEO:Campaigning father to host huge anti knife crime demo outside of City Hall.

An east London father who is heartbroken at the high levels of knife crime on the streets of London is hosting a huge anti knife crime demonstration outside of City Hall this Saturday 3rd of July.

Courtney Barrett, also known as ‘the knife man’ is an anti knife crime campaigner who works closely with his local community to stop youths from carrying knives. He is also the founder of the charity ‘Binning Knives Saves Lives’ and spends his time on the streets of London not only collecting knives, but also talking and engaging with the youth to prevent them from carrying weapons.

Courtney told the Havering Daily:

“This is the big one, the country’s chance to make a difference and all come together to speak out against knife crime.

“Many people from across the country will be descending on City Hall this Saturday to make their voices heard to the authorities who are seemingly ignoring knife crime. We will also be supporting the many bereaved families who will be joining us on the day.

“Murder victims Ricky Hayden, Jody Chesney, and Peguy Ghanda’s family’s who are all from Havering, will be in attendance to speak out against this pandemic blighting our streets everyday.

“Please come and support these victims of knife crime, and support a safer UK for us all. This is a chance for the whole nation to make a difference to the safety of their communities, so I hope to see you all there.”


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