Court drops parking ticket complaint and advises council to do the same.

A Harold Hill disabled woman who has been fighting a parking ticket for six months, has been told by the court that it is has dropped the complaint and has advised the local council to do the same.

Tanya, who suffers with arthritis was issued a penalty charge notice in January after being giving just four minutes to buy a parking ticket.

The disabled grandmother had gone to the Hilldene shopping area and had left her car to buy the parking ticket, when she realised the nearest ticket machine was out of order.

She told the Havering Daily:

“I had gone to the first ticket machine but it was out of order so I had to walk all the way up to the top of the hill to reach the next ticket machine. When I returned to my car, I had been issued with a parking ticket. The warden had give me just four minutes to get a ticket.”

Since then, Tanya has been challenging this ticket and has now received a letter from the court stating they are not taking any further action.

She continued:

“This has been a long battle to fight. To be given just four minutes to get a parking ticket is disgusting, especially when I don’t walk very well due to my arthritis.

“I’m glad the court have taken this decision and I hope the Council officer will now see sense and do the same.

“I have been living in this area all my life and always use my local shops, but now because of this experience I will be shopping in Lakeside where I can park free of charge and without the fear of a traffic warden hiding in shop fronts waiting to pounce on people.”

Letter received from the court.

2 thoughts on “Court drops parking ticket complaint and advises council to do the same.

  • 10th June 2021 at 11:40 am

    That totally sums it up doesn’t it Mr White! I hope you and your Parking Department are proud of the way this situation has been handled. You talk the talk about injustices but can’t walk the walk when it comes down to money. The Parking Department knew all along that the ticket would be revoked, but no, because this was a disabled person who was more likely to give up and pay, it was left to go all the way. Stand up Mr White and the Head of the Parking Department and give us, the residents of Havering, your reasons why the matter had to go this far, and at the same time, justify why the ticket was issued in the first instance. NO CHANCE, neither will have the b***s to make any statements. Get a grip of the reality of the parking guidelines and ensure your ‘little hitler’s’ follow them correctly. By fighting this fiasco, perpetrated by incompetents, this Grandmother has proved what can be achieved against such injustices that those idiots in charge, allow to continue. Unfortunately, Utopia doesn’t exist and the majority will continue to pay tickets that are issued incorrectly, illegally, and by underhand means. A BIG WELL DONE to the Grandmother who has shown how to stand up to these ‘bullies’ who knew they weren’t right, but continued to proceed as if they were.

  • 12th June 2021 at 2:04 am

    Get rid of mr white


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