Langtons Summer Concert cancelled for a second year.

Havering Council’s Langtons Summer Concert will not go ahead this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic caused last year’s event to be cancelled due to restrictions on mass gatherings, and will not go ahead this year either.

The summer concert requires months of planning and financial investment before taking place, and the uncertainty caused by the pandemic means the Council have been unable to do this with confidence that it would go ahead.

Councillor Damian White, Leader of Havering Council, said:

“It’s with regret that the Langtons Summer Concert cannot go ahead this year.

“As with all large public events, the concert takes a lot of preparation and financial commitment, and faced with uncertainty around mass gatherings, we could not risk incurring costs for an event that may otherwise need cancelling closer to the time.

“Our staff work hard to put on this concert, and each year thousands of residents come along and enjoy themselves.

“We are looking at other ways of bringing the community together once restrictions are fully lifted in line with government guidelines and public health advice.”

2 thoughts on “Langtons Summer Concert cancelled for a second year.

  • 4th June 2021 at 8:25 am

    Sadly the cancellation of community and cultural events in summer is evidence the government plans, unless there is push-back, to extend the deadly lockdown restrictions beyond 21st June and is evidence, as former Prime Minister Theresa May aptly said, the government are fixing the data to fit the policy rather than the policy to fit the data.

    The elementary fact is warm weather and sunshine kills ALL microscopic respiratory viruses and so to cancel open air events in fear of Covid-19 makes no medical sense whatsoever, but the prolonged lockdowns are serving powerful global financial interests.

    Instead of the continuing corona-incontinence and scaremongering a genuine concern for the welfare of the borough and people would be to promote a return to humanity, fun and fellowship and end the sinister fear-mongering that has made the cure far worse than the disease.

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