Dominating the Diversity Narrative for Antisemitism.

Autistic Conservative Charlie Keeble today writes in the Havering Daily.

Recently I had a message that I shared for the autism community on the Instagram page of blogger I follow about how the autism community is suffering from stagnation and infighting. The problem was that the autism advocacy movement had evolved into a cult that was trying to get all the autistics of the world to be a tool to the order of the biggest autism bloggers and advocates. The message went like this: 

‘The autism community should represent a broad spectrum of ideas and diversity of thought as the spectrum is broad and covers a diversity of neurological conditions itself. At the moment it is suffering from infighting as it is drawn to one strand of thought and political agendas from an aggressive faction of neurodivergents that want to rule the spectrum their own way. That is not neurodiversity at all, its enforcing a neuro ghetto on the community and shutting itself out from normal land. That is like a positive form of segregation and I will not stand for it. I want us to be a community of bright ideas with infinite imagination around the world.’ 

That message was shared on the page of a renegade autistic blogger called Autistic Goblin. Declaring that the message came from someone that was ‘ablest, eugenics endorsing and making a conspiracy against the autism community’. Rather than hide I choose to be brave and challenge this person by commenting that I am proud of my achievements and I will stand by my own convictions and that she does not own the diversity agenda. People like that are wretched pathetic angry anarchists not worthy of my time. 

At the same time this happened there was a 500% rise in antisemitism in the UK. On Sunday 16th May a convoy of Palestine flag waving cars drove through the Jewish areas of North London shouting obscene and violent threats against them. All this stemmed from a riot in the West Bank in Israelover a legal dispute in which Arab residents living there refused to pay rent, as they were living on land that had been recaptured by Israel in the 1967 Yom Kippur War. The land was owned by Jews as it’s the burial site of a Jewish high priest. The Palestinians took advantage of this dispute and it turned into a firefight between Gaza and Israel, with antisemitic pro-Palestinian riots spilling into Britain. 

Amongst these attacks included an assault on a Rabbi inChigwell outside a synagogue. These antisemitic attacks got so vile I came out to condemn it in my own way. I started by making a YouTube video about my support for the Jewish community and how I take inspiration from the Zionist movement to build my autistic conservative movement. I said to my Jewish friends that I admire Jewish people for theirintelligence and integrity. They are an inventive, invincible people. They survived pogroms, genocide, famine and prejudice. The Jews are indomitable.

The way I experienced that confrontation with that nasty Autistic Goblin made me think about how to deal with this situation. I looked at how the Jewish community was not feeling any sympathy or support from the media and the antiracism groups that were mostly viewing the situation from the narrative of the Palestinians. As far as they were concerned the Jews are rich and powerful and oppressing them, which isn’t true. In fact most of them were taking advantage of the conflict for their own agenda. 

Now one thing that annoys me about these peace and justice activists is how one campaign group dominates the civil and social justice narrative and singles out other ethnic groups. When Black Lives Matter orchestrated a mass protest in London over the summer there was widespread media coverage and they were praised for standing up for inequality. But when Jews came under attack they were treated as being insignificant because they are successful and prosperous in their own right. That’s not fair and it just goes to show that some ethnic groups can’t bare the fact that they have to share their lives with other ethnic groups. It got so scary that some Jews started to doubt if it was safe for them to live in Britain.

A government report said that there was no systematic racism in this country and there isn’t. What we have is selective prejudice and that accounts for why autism and Judaism gets less favourable support than others and they become berated at the request of other groups. Consider the way the Labour party became infested with antisemitism. For years Labour party activists sided with Islamists and granted them special treatment and protection disguised as equality and fairness. Some of them took advantage of this situation and bullied the Jews until they fled the party. They got to dominate the race issue by shouting the loudest about their needs and in doing so it ruined the party’s image and values for tolerance and respect.

Zionist founder Theodore Herzl believed that antisemitism could never perish, so every Jew needed a state of their own. That’s why Israel is important for the survival of the Jewish people. I believe that Herzl was on to something here. I personally think that racism and other forms of prejudice like that towards me and my autism can never be cured. Everygroup seeks to support their racialist self-interest even if it means making another group not to be seen or heard. I have experienced social prejudice, anti-European racism,antisemitism, and ableism. And of course being frustrated by other groups that are so self-righteous they think they have a divine right to control the social order.

For all the Jews of Britain and my fellow autistics I say to you be brave. You will be faced with campaigners that have the mentality of savages and the intellectuality of parasites. We can’t let these people dominate the rights of other groups and conquer diversity and equality. They don’t have a concept of equality or fairness. No one has to be kept as a second class citizen so another person can be free. The advocacy for civil rights should be just like that of the autism movement. Instead of a strand of one colour, it should it be all the colours of the spectrum representing diversity of thought and character. 

I can not stand by and let my Jewish friends suffer from this carnage. They need our support and friendship more than ever.

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